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These links can help you build your web page, but the majority of the design is deciding what you want to say and how you want to say it. If possible lay out your thoughts on paper, then think about what types of graphics to use. deciding on the age group(s) you want to reach will help you choose the font type and size.

My first page still resides in Talkcity on Presidio Drive under the name Alinda, I've tried to delete it several times but couldn't, now I use it as an example of what things not to do! If you check it out you can see how slowly it loads, because of graphics, etc.

1. Not too many pictures. They take forever to load many people will go somewhere else if it is too slow to load. the same with animation.

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2. Use of music is a big question it causes your page to load more slowly and not everyone likes your music, find one of the radio setups that allow them to choose their own music or think real hard before using your own. They may leave before you get your message across.

3. Follow web rings for the type of graphic you want, you may find a gem of a site. (And Let Me Know!)

4. Use the feature "BLINK" seldom, if ever, it drives many people crazy.

Now have fun whether it be a funny page or a serious one but please don't build any hate pages. I'll add more hints nothing is ever finished on the net!

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Let me know if any of the Links are dead or incorrect. Thanks!

If you know of a good place to get gifs, jpgs, html hints, etc. let me know!

Last Updated: 3/10/00

Disclaimer: The purpose of this World Wide Web site is to provide information, consul and companionship. I am an individual with a respiratory illness, not a medical doctor. Medical advice should be obtained ONLY from your licensed physician. None of the information or links at this site are warranted for accuracy, reliability, timeliness, completeness, or anything else; read, research and consult with your licensed physician for medical advice. Please do this for yourself and important to me. I want to say that I reserve the right to place commercial advertisements on this site, so as to defray the cost of providing this website. Hopefully you understand! I have no other income.

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