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It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies."
--Arthur Calwell

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Gov Sites, Educational Sites, Hospitals, Medical Centers and other Information Sources

COPD And Emphysema - Depicts the Difference between them
What Does COPD Feel Like?
UPMC HealthSystem
Respiration - Oxygen Delivery System
American Academy Of Family Physicians - Prednisone and other Steroids
New England Journal of Medicine - Current issue of the journal.
Argus Information Clearinghouse - Health& Medicine
Quit Smoking Posters - Done By Children
Disability and Medical Resource Directory - of disability products
Healthcare Products
Centers for Disease Control - A single point of access to CDC reports, guidelines and public health.
World Health Network - Site of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.
Oxygen - How your body uses oxygen and carbon dioxide
COPD Teaching Module - Supplemental oxygen therapy
Hospital Web - Find information about hospitals in the U.S. and abroad.
Stanford - Hospital and Clinics
Rehab Issues - Pulmonary Rehabilitation for COPD
Temple Pulmonary
Clinic Web List - Of Lung disease links
Mayo Clinic Health - What is COPD.
Mayo Clinic Health Oasis - Daily News
Online health - Sciences library contains hundreds of books and brochures for health care.
Virtual Hospital - Patient Simulations
VirtualHospital - Adult Pulmonary Core
Cheshire Med - Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Kettering Medical Center - Medical Library
ColoradoHealth Net - Many areas of interest within this Network
ColoradoHealth Net - COPD Dictionary
National Library of Medicine - A vast storehouse of Information
A Complete Home Medical Guide - General all purpose medical guide
"National Allergy Supply
Comfort House - Numerous Healthcare Products in their Online Catalog
Cripworld - New Online Data Base for Healthcare Products
Asthma Learning Lab
Lung Volume Reduction Surgery - History of Reduction Surgery
LVRS - About Lung Volume Reduction Surgery
Health Law Resource - A resource for anyone interested in health care law.
U. S. Department of Transportation - Accessibility Homepage
American Medical Association Journals - Access several medical journals.
World Association of Persons with disAbilities - WAPD
Healthcare/Disability Net Radio - Visit with Dr. Dave
AAPD - American Association Of People With Disabilities
American Lung Association
Australian Lung Foundation
The Canadian Lung Association
American Association for Respiratory Care - Patient Resources - Dietary needs for COPD patients, Home Oxygen Therapy Plus more, Great site!
National Lung Health Education Program - Homepage
Health Insurance Association of America - Find out about disability insurance
Tips for Better Breathing
Better Ways to Breathe
The Importance of Proper Breathing Techniques
Cough - Self Care Flowchart
Chronic Cough
Management of Chronic Cough
Nitric Oxide - Prevents Reperfusion Injury In Lung Transplant Patients
Test your Home Oxygen Therapy I. Q.
Oxygen Safety - Safe Use of Compressed Gas Cylinders
Long-term oxygen therapy for COPD
Oxygen Therapy and Resuscitation - 100's of Vitamins, Herbs, Minerals, and Supplements
Bayer Site - ACCP Bayer - COPD
American Academy Of Family Physicians - Health Information for Patients
American Academy Of Family Physicians - Sore Throat
American Academy Of Family Physicians - Cough, Patient Information
The Cheshire Medical Center - Pulmonary Embolism and Mortality in Patients With COPD
Pulmonary Paper
International Telemedicine Center Inc - Links to other telemedicine sites, plus information on presentations, consulting and networking.
Health Net - Private Guide to Health Related Links
MediQual Systems - Medical Benchmarks
Respiratory on the Web
Chest Medicine On-Line
Diagnosis of COPD
Symposiumon Mechanism
Pharmaceutical Information Network - Articles, drug database, disease info centers.
Rxlists of Indications and Side Effects
Therapeutic drugs in chest medicine
Enable Magazine
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Wellness Web
Yahoo! Health
A site for people with disabilties - Especially "Invisible Disabilities" and Quality of Life Issues
EFFORTS - Alpha1 Emphysema
EFFORTS - All Trans Retinoic Acid
EFFORTS - Control Panic Attacks
EFFORTS - Transtrachea Received Oxygen (also see my QA page)
What is Emphysema?
Doctors' Guide - Medical News
Long-term oxygen therapy for COPD
Oxygen Therapy
Relationship between CO2 retention and O2
Health Disease Sites
Health Gate - Home Page
Health Resources
Centerwatch - check out the new studies
More about LVRS Surgery
Understanding pulmonary tests
Pulmonary Definitions
How to Use Inhalers
How to Use a Nebulizer
How to do Pursed-Lip Breathing
Medical News website
WE - A lifestyle web site for people with disabilities
Doctors Guide to the Internet - Doctors Guide Home Page
Allegro - Wheelchairs, power scooters, and discount medical supplies.
Pride Health
What's On the Net?
New Mobility
Stay Healthy
Thrive Onlne
Strength Exercise Video - For After Heart Attack, Stroke, COPD
Describes what COPD feels like
Medical Identification Jewelry (TM) - SSA NEWS
Lung disease
Your Dietary State
Lung Information and Service Center - COPD Resources
Preventive Care - Timetable
Headache Diary
The Head Pain Primer
Disability - Related resources on the Internet
Better Health
OutLookMagazine - Disability Web >
RT Students Page
MedExplorer - Health/Medical Search
HealthTouch - Medications - Information Chart To Carry With You
ThriveOnLine - Arterial-Blood-GasAnalysis (ABG)
ThriveOnLine - >On-line Peakflow Tool
Web Guide - Caregiving
COPD and Smoking
The Irreversible Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking
Medical Matrix
Diseases of Air Flow Limitations
COPD Underdiagnosed - Especially in Women
Mid Carolina Internal Medicine Associates - Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine Practice
The Sneeze Gazette
Virtual Hospital - Adult Pulmonary Core
Go Ask Alice!
Nutritional Services - The Cheshire Medical Center
Nonin Onyx® Model 9500 Finger Pulse Oximeter ($379.95 + 20.00 shipping chg = $399.95 +/- from
AeroMedix - Nonin pulse oximeter (Last price was $425.00 + shipping +/- )
AeroMedix - Portable Oxygen Equipment
Information Resources for Medicine
Englemed Health News
Chronic Pain Solutions
Explains the ABG test
Mobility Disability Related Web Sites
Diagnosis of COPD
COPD Webpage
Regular Exercise Helps Patients With COPD
The Allergy Research Welcome Page
Home Care Medical Services
Southern Cross Publications - Idaho herbalist, author, and mentor, Darcy Williamson, teamed up withAustralian photographer and teacher, Rob Dow. Holistic is the word here.It's about more than books. You'll find info on Darcy's personally guided wilderness foray's, medicinal plant charts, and much more!
Silver Sage Health and Herb - Silver Sage carries a complete line of bulk herbs, vitamins, supplements, natural health and beauty aids, Native American art and music.
Smokeaway Org. - A site selling a stop smoking product
Health Resources
Breathin Easy
Enable Magazine
Centerwatch - Check out the newstudies
Alternative Medicine and Biophysics Research Institute
WE - A lifestyle web zine for people with Disabilities
Doctor's Guide to the Internet - Doctor's Guide Home Page
Device To Assess Lung Function
EKA - Includes links to other sites including carts
Discount Medical Supplies
Pride Health
First Home Health, Inc.
What's On the Net?
Disability and Medical - Resource Directory of Disability Products
Healthcare Products
Tresco Incorporated
Disability Mall - RVL S.C.O.R.E.
CARE4U - Aids for Daily Living
The Allergy Supply Company
Medical and health products and services
Discount Medical Page
New Mobility
Stay Healthy
Herbal Healer Academy - natural medicine, herbs, vitamins
Oxygen Concentrators
Oxygen Concentrators
Portable Oxygen Concentrators and more
Portable Oxygen Systems
Oxygen Equipment Safety Information
Travel for the Handicapped
Access Travel for People with Special Needs
Rights of the Disabled Air Passenger
Passengers with Disabilities
Non discrimination on the Basis of Handicap in Air Travel
Retractable Oxygen Tubing Reel
cAIRfree Oxygen Pack - If you don't have a pack of your own
Oxygen and AMTRAK
Oxygen and Flying
Home Oxygen
Safe Use of Compressed Gas Cylinders
Oxygen Safety
Portable Oxygen Concentrators
Freedom - Completely portable O2 DC Concentrator
Eating right and keeping fit
Vitamin debate
Candidiasis Control through Diet
Vitamins - C, E Key to Helping Lungs
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